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Hiking ColoRadDogs offers groups hikes for your dog - 1-hour and 2-hour available as well as in-town walks and housesitting
  • Why Hiking?

    • Hiking is one of the best forms of exercise for a dog, sometimes a walk is not enough, a hike ensures your dog is getting the exercise they truly need.

  • What if my dog isn't good with other dogs?​

    • Our first step is to have a complimentary meet and greet and get to know each other. If your dog does not get along with other dogs we can offer a solo dog walk however, we will not be able to bring your dog on a hike.

  • Where do I bring my dog for the hike? ​

    • We pick-up your dog and transport them to and from the trail. Our hike time includes pick-up and drop-off.

  • Will hikes or walks be postponed due to inclement weather?​

    • Hikes and walks will be postponed due to severe wind, snow or rain.

  • What if an emergency happens on the hike?

    • We carry safety items on our hikes. We are also certified in pet first-aid and CPR if any injuries occur.​ We also require your primary vet information in case a vet visit is necessary.

  • Why should I use a pet-sitter instead of a boarding facility?​

    • Animals feel safe and secure in their own home. They are much more comfortable and have less anxiety. They are not exposed to potential viruses or bacteria that kennels can carry, and there is less risk of a potential dog fight.  

  • What services do you offer as part of the overnights?​

    • We can water your plants, bring in the mail, take out your trash, administer medication, poop pickup/clean litter boxes, and we care for cats or other pets like small mammals or fish. 

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